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Farmer Registration (English & Hindi) Launched for Agromet Advisories


The Agricultural Meteorology Division of India Meteorological Department, centred at Pune, caters to the needs of agriculturists and conducts research in the field of Agricultural Meteorology.

The  activities of this Division are aimed at lending support to agriculturists and planners by giving advance information relating to weather conditions for planning day to day agricultural operations, crop-yield forecasts based on meteorological data, information relating to progress of monsoon, commencement of sowing, conducting studies on evapotranspiration in relating to crop  water demand, effect of weather on plant pests and diseases, preparation of agromet advisories and the training of personnel of state Agricultural Universities etc. in maintenance of agromet observatories.

Weather and weather based crop advisories are being disseminated to large number of  farmers in the country through Kisan Portal. For the outreach of these services to maximum number of farmers in the country,  a link (http://imdagrimet.gov.in/farmer/FarmerRegistrationFrontpagewelcome.php) has been created for the farmer’s registration to access the agromet advisory on line free of cost through this portal.



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